Three Ways to Optimise Your Social Media Pages

More companies than ever before are swapping their brick and mortar for social media shopfronts – websites and online marketplace franchises. Good! Because more consumers than ever before are consulting the internet before shopping, to find to the best product or service for the best deal. That means that if you’re not online, you’re completely out of sight and out of mind. Social media presence is absolutely key to increased sales and business success – but there is a right and a wrong way to set up your pages! Here are three ways to optimise your social media pages.


Clear, Updated Information

This might seem obvious but a great deal of companies are not sharing clear and updated contact information on their social media pages and it can be a big problem. Firstly, if your brand name and social media handles do not align, it’s not going to be easy for your current customers to find you, let alone being visible to potential customers. Secondly, what is the goal of increasing social media management and your online presence if not increased sales and leads? Put all necessary information such as website links, email addresses, phone numbers and your business address in the relevant places. That means updating your ‘about’ sections and following the advised profile setup for each social media platform. Better yet, pop it in your social media banners.


Taking Advantage of all Available Tech

Lots of small and medium businesses know that social media management is key in their future success. The problem is that they have always only ever approached social media as a consumer, not as a business. There are many ways in which your everyday social media platforms are specifically designed to help businesses reach their target market and better organise their content in the most relevant places. Utilise what the platforms offer you – keep your Facebook Events updated, pin important information on your Twitter profile and follow relevant Instagram hashtags that are popular among your target market.


Tailor-Made Schedule

Everybody knows that posting to social media is important but lots of companies are wasting their time, efforts and advertising budgets on the wrong channels for their business. The fact is, different people use different social media platforms for different reasons. Businesses who understand this preserve people’s privacy where it matters and market where it’s most beneficial. All good social media strategies analyse the industry and answer the following questions:

  • Where is it most beneficial for my company to post?
  • What type of content should I be posting on social media?
  • What times of the day should I post on social media to reach my target market?
  • What content will resonate best with my target market?
  • What hashtags should I use?


These questions require an in-depth analysis of your company, your industry and your business goals. Each one of my social media management proposals is tailor-made, based on where your target audience are dwelling online and what they respond to. Apply for your personalised quote and then pick’n’mix your own social media package to immediately see improvements in your online presence and engagement.